Security Vaults & Vault Doors

Security Vaults & Vault Doors

Ontario Security Vaults & Vault Doors

ProTech VSI modular vaults are constructed using U.L.* panels and other U.L. listed products including vault doors and vault ventilating ports.

The panels replace generically poured concrete and rebar construction, saving time during the construction process. This time savings represents real dollar savings to the end user. The panels are of higher strength materials than generically poured concrete and are therefore both thinner in design and also lighter in weight. These features provide savings in ongoing cost based on usable square foot costs for the end user.

ProTech VSI offers a both a concrete panel system and a lightweight panel system for security vaults and security vault doors. For the majority of applications the concrete panel system is suitable. The lightweight panel system is most desirable where weight or access for installation is a major concern.

The U.L. ratings are as follows:

  • Class M - 15 Minutes
  • Class 1 - 30 Minutes
  • Class 2 - 60 Minutes
  • Class 3 - 120 Minutes

The ratings are in minutes and these are based on actual attack minutes (not including breaks for changing tools, reviewing plans etc.) for a three-man team. The goal is to create a man size opening of 96 square inches opening in, between two panels, or at the floor level of a vault. The team uses a prescribed list of tools. The panels undergo a U.L. retest every seven years because of the improved tools and methods. The base for the test was the original generic vault in the 70's, which has never been retested.