All Safes Are Not All Safe

All Safes Are Not All Safe

While it is true that even the “best” safes ever made are not impossible to break, the idea is to make the burglar take a greater risk. The stronger the safe, the harder the burglar will have to work, bring heavier tools, make more noise, and spend more time on site! These factors increase the risk of
being caught. Knowledgeable burglars go “where the pickin's are easy”. They look for large cash targets stored in easy to crack safes.

Safe burglary will happen when the chance for easy money is high and the risk of being caught is low.

Of course alarms help to deter burglary, but the best alarm system in the world will not keep out a burglar with the knowledge and professional tool to defeat it. The only burglary protection there is, or ever has been, is a strong safe. As proof of this statement ProTech's full line of burglary safes, used by jewelery and diamond wholesalers, have never been defeated, and have been in use for more than 20 years. These manufactured safes are designed to protect the priceless and the cost of producing such a product is understandably high.

All ProTech safes are built to suit a particular need. Some are built to protect documents only. Some are built to give minimal burglary protection because there are environmental factors which make burglary less likely. In any event, the amount of resistance a safe offers is always reflected in the cost to manufacture the unit. Providing more burglary resistance means stronger grades of material and combination of materials. Locking systems and electronic locks are more complex and the tolerance
factors are reduced to prevent picking/manipulation.

The ProTech safe lines offered are designed for the small to largest sized business, to protect cash storage needs.

I hope when considering your next purchase of a high security safe or safes you will let ProTech have the opportunity to help you evaluate your risk and then select the most appropriate safe. In addition to selecting the correct safe for your needs, here are some other steps you should take to
minimize your risks.

  • Minimize the amount of money stored overnight or on weekends.
  • If possible put your safe up front or in a location that is visible from the street.
  • Strictly control access to your safe. Change keys or combinations on a regular basis, and
  • immediately following any personnel change.

Protection for your cash and valuables is as important to ProTech Safe & Security as it is to you. If you have any doubts about which safe to choose please call or fax one of our security engineers for a “free” consultation.