How to Choose the Right Safes

When you first start shopping for safes, there are probably plenty of thoughts running through your mind. You may want one that will keep thieves from stealing your important documents and money. Or perhaps you are more concerned about the risk of fire. In other cases, data may be the most valuable thing you have, so you might need a safe that protects that. Whatever your reason for looking at safes, it is important that you gear your search toward the type that will benefit you the most.

Here are several things to take into consideration when looking at safes:
  • Burglary safes are those designed to keep your valuables safe from being stolen. The goal is to prevent the physical removal of your belongings. However, many of this kind of safe does not necessarily protect against fires or other types of property damage that have the potential to harm the contents of it.

  • A fire safe is designed to keep its contents safe from damage caused by fire and other outside damage that has the potential to destroy important things, especially documents and other important papers. However, this type of safe does not provide a lot of protection against burglary. For example, many of the products designed to protect against fires are relatively easy to pick up and carry away.

  • Fire safes are rated according to how long they will protect their contents from a fire. For example, some may protect their contents for 30 minutes, while others may protect for as long as two hours. The other part of the rating for this type of safe deals with the maximum temperature it will protect against. Usually the rating on the safe will say that it will protect against X temperature for Y amount of time.

  • Burglery safes are also available for anyone who wants to protect their property against both fires and burglars.

  • A safe that is designed to protect data is a little bit like a safe that is made for fire protection, although it is also made to keep it’s inside temperature much lower than a standard fire safe would. This is because data is destroyed at temperatures below 52 degrees Celsius. In addition to keep data protected from fires, this particular type of safe also protects against other exterior factors that have the potential to harm data, like high levels of humidity, contamination from electro-magnetic sources, and other issues.

  • Make sure when choosing a rated safe (like those to protect against fire or to keep data safe), that the rating is listed according to standard. The VDMA rating system is one possibility that you might see, so if the safe will protect its contents for up to two hours, then this tells you that it has passed according to the VDMA standards.

Whenever you shop for anything, it is important to know exactly what to look for. In the case of any type of security, understanding how they work is a critical component of getting the highest level of protection that you need. If you are ever in doubt about how much protection you actually need, do not be afraid to seek the help of someone who deals in these security products each and every day. While it is always better to buy too much protection, cost-conscious buyers may want to have their needs thoroughly assessed so that they can get just the right amount of protection from whatever they have to protect against.

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