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ProTech New Safe Catalogue 2012

Are you looking to purchase a quality safe? No matter where you are in the country, look no further than ProTech Safe & Security based out of Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

When considering a Safe it is important to purchased the right safe based on your needs. For example the cash value, type of documents or contents, as well consider fire protection, locations etc. ProTech Safe has been selling and supplying premium new safes for over 50 years. ProTech Safes and Security offers the largest and most complete inventory of new and refurbished safes and other miscellaneous security equipment to meet or exceed all your security needs.

We offer a vast selection of New Safes, Used Safes, Refurbished Safes and full line of Bullet Resistant Products, Vaults and Security Products. We invite you to explore the Safes and Security Products below.  We are here to help feel free to contact us anytime by email or just call 1-855-999-9610.

Protech Safe & Security is excited and honoured to provide a full line of U.L. Certified Security Products. Learn more...

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Quality Safes and Security Products

We offer a vast selection of security safes for commercial and residential uses. Such as:
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Used Safes & Refurbished Safes

When buying a Safe, a refurbished used safe  can be an affordable option with great savings. ProTech offers a vast selection of Used and Refurbished Safes the offers a great price point and custom paint finishes to truly fit your office or home applications.  

ProTech Used Safes (Refurbished Safes) is a very extensive refurbish process.  Only select used safes are selected in our refurbished program to main tain the integrity  and security level of the sales.

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